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Bigbank recognised once again for term deposit offering
01 FEBRUARY, 2015

Estonian bank named “TOP long-term deposits bank” and “TOP term deposits 2014”

Bigbank recently received double recognition for its term deposit offering on the German market. It was awarded the “TOP term deposits 2014” certification mark by the Handelsblatt business newspaper and “TOP long-term deposits bank” by TV news channel n-tv. Both rankings were performed by financial consultant FMH-Finanzberatung.

“We are very proud of having been recognised once again for our term deposit offering,” said Bigbank CEO Kaido Saar. “News channel n-tv in particular has already distinguished us for our term deposit offering several times. We will, of course endeavour to continue to offer our customers excellent terms.”

In the “TOP term deposits 2014” assessment commissioned by the Handelsblatt, weekly placements of the best three providers were evaluated for a period of 50 weeks. The analysis compared offers from 76 banks for an investment amount of €10,000 with a term of twelve months. A distinction was made between offers for new and existing clients as well as between types of deposit guarantee. For providers with statutory deposit protection, Bigbank placed among the “Top 3” a total of seven times over the entire assessment period, ranking first on two occasions and second on one.
n-tv's “TOP long-term deposits bank” ranking looked at term deposit offers with terms of two, four and five years over all 52 weeks of the past year. An average value calculated for the weekly interest rates offered on the term deposits was used as one of the assessment criteria. Among those banks with statutory deposit protection, the term deposit offer with a four-year term was ranked in fourth place; while that with a five-year term placed second. A total of 88 banks were included in the assessment.

The company

The Estonian BIGBANK specialises in term deposits and consumer loans. The company is based in Tartu and, since being founded in 1992, has developed into one of the most profitable banks in the Baltic states. It has branches in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Spain. At the end of the third quarter of 2014, Bigbank employed approximately 460 people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as in Sweden, Finland and Spain. In Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, Bigbank is an online bank offering term deposits at attractive interest rates.
As an internationally active bank, the company is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Austrian Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FMA). Customer deposits are protected by Estonia's statutory deposit guarantee scheme up to a level of €100,000 per customer.
FMH-Finanzberatung and n-tv have already recognised BIGBANK for its term deposit offer for a number of successive years, naming it “Best term-deposit bank 2010”, “Best bank for long-term deposits 2011”, “ Best bank for long-term deposits 2012”, “ Best bank for long-term deposits 2013” and bestowing the “Interest award 2013”. Consumer website Verivox also recently recognised it for its term deposit conditions and its service quality. Moreover, Bigbank received the “Best services” certification mark from research institution Dive in 2010.

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