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BIGBANK launched UNO Hire Purchase in Baltics
27 AUGUST, 2012

In August 2012 BIGBANK launched a hire purchase brand UNO in Baltic countries.

BIGBANK introduced hire purchase in Baltics and Finland already in 2010 but focused so far mainly on financing private label hire purchase of retail companies. In 2012 BIGBANK introduced its own brand UNO Hire Purchase to wider public.

UNO Hire purchase offers comfortable, quick and flexible hire purchase services to private persons. The service is available in most major retail stores in the Baltics and the reseller network is expanding.

According to Kaido Saar, the General manager of UNO Hire Purchase, the company sees great potential from the hire purchase market as retail sales in the Baltics is growing in accordance with the overall Baltic economies and consumer confidence shows positive trend despite turbulent times in EU and global financial markets.

For more info please visit local homepages of UNO Hire Purchase:
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