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Bigbank in an interview with Commodity-TV
04 JUNE, 2015

In an interview with Ingo Wolf, the moderator of Commodity-TV, head of customer relations at Bigbank Martin Länts explains at this year’s INVEST private investors’ trade fair in Stuttgart how Bigbank acquired its name and how the offer of Bigbank differs from the offers of its competitors.

Commodity-TV digs deeper: What is the bank’s strategy for achieving the highest possible yield for its customers? And what is the business model of Bigbank? Länts replies: Bigbank focuses on a classical banking model with fixed-term deposits on the one hand and consumer lending on the other hand. By offering both of these products the risk is diversified and at the same time high yields can be achieved, which are then passed on to our customers. Through the following link you can view the entire interview:,33432,PDAC_2015/?v=292072