Consumer Loans

Bigbank offers its consumer loans in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Spain. Bigbank consumer loans are characterised by the following keywords:


Operations in Bigbank are quick and involve very little red tape, which makes taking out a loan simple. Clients of all banks can apply for a loan – your salary does not have to be received and you do not need to have an account in Bigbank.


The loan conditions in Bigbank are reasonable – you do not need to have a previous client relationship with Bigbank in order to apply for a loan; we make decisions, formalise loan contracts and disburse loans quickly; and in making our decisions we are guided by the principles of responsible lending.


When making decisions, Bigbank is guided by the special characteristics of every situation and client. When necessary, it is also possible to apply for a grace period, which can be either partial (in which case interest has to be paid) or full (in which case which interest does not have to be paid). Also, if you wish to, it is possible to pay your loan back ahead of time. Citizens of foreign countries with Estonian residence permits or the right to live in the country can also take out a loan with us.

For more information about services near you, see the full list of countries in which Bigbank operates.